Horse transporter and trailer with special service

Pick up, inspection or repair with timely delivery of your vehicle

At Niehoff, we have been producing special horse transporters and horse trailers with the highest quality demands for more than fifty years. We produce long-lasting, extremely resilient horse transporters that hold their value and are easy to maintain. Whether it is a towing vehicle, a horse trailer or refrigerated box, our specialist workshop offers a unique repair and maintenance service, from inspection to painting and lettering in our in-house specialist paint shop. If required, we collect your vehicle, repair it and deliver it back on time with our company’s own transport, so that your vehicle is always in good hands. Adherence to deadlines and reliability are a matter of course in our master workshop.

We consciously ensure the future of the company by training young people as qualified trainees and offering them a permanent job.

At Niehoff, we are in constant dialogue with our clients based on a customer relationship that is a partnership. As a producer and provider of horse transport vehicles, truck semitrailers and horse trailers, we constantly strive towards personal and long-term cooperation with you. We look forward to hearing from you.