Horse transport with all its facets

Horse transporter and semi-trailer for a save transport of your horses

The main consideration is always the well-being of your horses. You can only expect the right performance from your horses if they have been transported in a way that is safe and stress-free. At Niehoff, we are pleased to take the time to plan your new individually produced horse transporter with you.

Planning should always start with advice regarding the chassis and tractor unit for your horse transporter. Besides the number of horses to be transported, naturally we also take into account your personal requirements with regard to a horse transport vehicle. Nothing then stands in the way of comfortable and safe transportation for horse, rider and equipment. A variable, roomy interior design enables horses and attendants to be comfortably accommodated – for 1 to 3 or 4 to 9 horses.

Whether it is for professional or leisure riders, you design your personal horse transporter with Niehoff.

All structures meet the preconditions of the animal transport protection law (art. 18 of the regulation EU no. 1/2005) for short and long journeys.

Horse transporter for 3 horses with spacious living area


  • Insulated structures
  • Side ventilation gills and large lifting roofs for optimum ventilation
  • Loading and unloading via a spring balanced folding ramp that can also be activated electrohydraulically, or via double doors with slide ramps below
  • Non-slip elastic special rubber floor covering
  • Stall partitions against or diagonal to the travel direction
  • Dividing panel with rubber curtain for optimum balance
  • Aluminium troughs in front of the chest walls
  • Considerable storage room for saddle cabinet, etc.
  • Video and temperature monitoring

Horse transporter for 9 horses + saddle chamber

Horse transporter for 7 horses + living area

Sprinter for 2 horses + saddle chamber


Horse transporter for 6 horses

Horse transporter for 6 horses + team room

Horse transporter for 6 horses + team room

Horse transporter for 6 horses + team room

Horse transporter for 4 horses + living area